Half Moon (Small) – Left Lock

120 ฿

Color Category : White

Weight : 0.05 kg

Material : Standard Steel


How to use : Use with sliding doors of HOFFEN and thin sliding doors of any size.

Production Country : Thailand

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Product Detail

⚠️ The product is used as a spare part for doors and windows of HOFFEN ⚠️

(can be used to replace the old product or can contact the staff to check)

⚠️ In case of purchase for use with other products Please check the size carefully ⚠️

This device is made of quality steel and has a special white coating process. It can resist rust, corrosion and deformation for many years. Suitable for use with HOFFEN’s UPVC doors and windows and thin sliding doors.

  • Equipment for windows and doors
  • Strong and safe material construction
  • Use high quality materials in production according to international standards.
  • Long service life, resistant to environmental conditions, whether it is weather, light, temperature.
  • Use good quality white paint and coating. That helps prevent another layer of rust.