About us

About us Hoffen Asia

Why Choose Us

  • Hoffen Asia has 10 years experience in uPVC window & door business
  • Hoffen Asia is the Best Seller in Thai modern trade
  • 20,000 Production capacity for windows and doors per month. One of top in Asia
  • Provider of products to biggest developers in Thailand and more than 5000 houses a year
  • Professional solution for windows& door products

Our history

  • Hoffen Asia Co., Ltd. was founded in 1998 earlier it operated under the name of German Décor (Asia) Co., Ltd.
  • At the beginning, we became a distributor of German laminate flooring in 1998.
  • Later in 2001, new products from Malaysia were introduced to improve the cost price. In 2004, products from China and Thailand were added in turn it enabled us to cover all channel
  • Hoffen Asia has several sources and different types of products to meet customer requirement and specifications.
  • In 2005, we have introduced UPVC window & doors and in 2010 we added new type product “DIY uPVC” for new a market
  • This provided an increase in sales figure and at the same time we changed the name of our company from German Décor (Asia) Co., Ltd. to Hoffen Asia Co., Ltd to emphasize the position of our brand.
  • Currently, We are a leading manufacturer of uPVC Windows & Doors, Laminate and SPC Flooring with high quality in Thailand under the trademark of “HOFFEN”
  • Our factory is located in Lumlukka, Pathumthani province with over 13,500 square meters plant area.
  • Our window & doors sale is around 25,000 sets a month. Production per day is 1,000 sets. has around 25 % market share in residential market. Our production facility can manufacturer windows & doors around 250,000 sets a year.
  • Hoffen Asia has several sources and different types of products to meet customer requirement and specifications in different sectors : Export, Retail business. Modern Trade (Home Pro, Global House, Do Home, Mega Home ,Home Shop) ,Real Estate and E-commerce platform.

Our vision and mission

Vision : Leader in business that we are operating where stake holder can depend on.

Mission : Provide best Window and Door system, Laminate Flooring, to meet customers expectation, constant innovation and provide support that add value to our customers.