UPVC Hoffen Maple

189 ฿

Size240.00cm L x 10.00cm W
Height (thick)1.80cm
Overall weight1.20kg
Color categoryNatural Wood
Production countryThailand 
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Product Detail

Keep the edges of all types of wooden floors clean and tidy.


  1. Easy installation, high flexibility
  2. It feels like wood, but using wood substitute materials does not harm the environment.
  3. It is resistant to all weather conditions, and there are no problems with termites or humidity because it is UPVC.
  4. Cover the seam between the wall and the floor to make it look beautiful.
  5. It is made of high-quality UPVC, which is more durable and stronger than PVC.


Hoffen uPVC (Unplasticised Polyvinyl Chloride) Windows & Doors are made using the top grade manufacturing process technology from Germany. Our uPVC Windows & Doors can be customized into many forms and sizes and still retain solidity of the structure.

Water Proof

Using special EPDM rubbers our uPVC Windows & Doors provides excellent water repulsion that firmly prevent leaking. High temperature welding prevents splitting and makes our products durable.

Thermal Insulation

The air pockets within the UPVC frame and between the two panes of glass reflect the cold air from the interior cooling systems. The cold is trapped inside and does not escape as with conventional windows. The uPVC frames are poor conductors of heat or cold and thus will increase thermal efficiency over aluminium frames.

Other than creating a look of modern design through having smooth surfaces and precisely welded corners it is also environmentally friendly and recyclable. Hoffen uPVC Windows & Doors also undergo a very strict quality control process ensuring a superior quality in its class.

Floor Cornice UPVC
Floor Cornice UPVC