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SPC Ozone Grey 4 mm.(price per box)

1,660 ฿

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Vinyl Flooring Characteristics

  1. Various color and specification Present series
  2. Fireproof , smokeproof
  3. Wearable, easy in maintenance
  4. Germproof, innocuous Registered embossing series
  5. easy install without glue down with LVT click products and WPC click and loose lay with high quality
  6. Anti-slip


What is SPC (Stone Plastic Composite) Flooring?
Stone plastic composite (SPC) flooring brings a new dimension to luxury vinyl flooring. Centerstone is a remarkable, beautiful new type of luxury vinyl flooring that stands up to sizzling summers and frigid winters without developing the unsightly gaps and instability of some other types of flooring. You will be able to enjoy your beautiful new floor for decades under the toughest conditions.

Vinyl flooring is popular in kitchens, bathrooms, and laundry spaces. This is particularly true in commercial settings. Luxury vinyl flooring offers unlimited potential on a limited budget. Perhaps the greatest pro of luxury vinyl flooring is the durability. It can withstand high amounts of foot traffic and is scratch- and dent-resistant. Luxury vinyl flooring also reduces noise. This makes it an ideal flooring for homes with pets or children.

A vinyl floor is comfortable underfoot, and also easy to maintain. It can be installed as a simple DIY project, even though it requires a smooth surface underneath. It just takes a little prep work to make it easy. Vinyl flooring is flexible product which means you will need to prepare the underlying subfloor to ensure a smooth installation. This is because any flaws or imperfections will come through as indentations and/or bumps in the flooring.

Modern vinyl flooring looks good in a multitude of home styles or commercial spaces. A vinyl floor can be waterproof, look like wood, or resemble tile. There are a variety of colors and styles to choose from suiting a wide range of tastes. With this wide range of luxury vinyl flooring, we’ve got the look you want.

100% waterproof
SPC vinyl are 100% waterproof. Spills of water, juice, wine etc. do not affect either the SPC or Vinyl Click Flooring.

At, we are creating beautiful flooring solutions including both SPC vinyl available in a variety of colors, sizes, patterns, decors, textures, plank width, etc. From modern to traditional and rustic styles, one can find every variety of style and to suit your budget.

Just like most of vinyl flooring options, SPC vinyl can be installed either below, on or above the grade. They are great flooring options especially for kitchens, bath and laundry rooms and businesses such as restaurants or cafes. vinyl flooring is a perfect option.

With regards to the installation process, both SPC and Vinyl Click should be installed over a level surface and can be fixed directly on top of a verity of sub floors in the absence of any such preparation, some of which are ceramic tiles, marble, plywood, a leveled screed, or directly onto a leveled raised access floor using an underlay. At we use a 2mm EVA underlay. SPC flooring is mainly suitable for commercial areas wherein Vinyl Click is suitable for both residential and commercial areas alike. In case your subflooring has dents or protrusions, choosing to go with LVT flooring may transfer via the surface since it is more pliable and flexible. At, we believe in utilizing up to 2mm EVA underlay with both the SPC flooring and Vinyl click to combat this and offer improved acoustic.

Easy to clean and maintain
When you opt for either vinyl or SPC flooring, the greatest benefit is that it is easy to clean and maintain with regular sweeping and cleaning with a wet mop and bucket.

SPC flooring composition
Wear layer: This is the layer that provides resistance to scratches and stains. It is thin and completely transparent.
Vinyl layer:The vinyl is durable and strong. It is printed with the flooring pattern and color.
Core layer: This is the waterproof core made from either stone plastic composite or wood plastic composite.
Base layer: EVA foam or cork forms the base of the plank.

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